When Doors TROLL You In Minecraft!

2020-ж., 10-окт.
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When doors troll you in Minecraft!
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  • im subscibe of name of the door;)

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  • I remember whenever this challenge is to be way better now it’s a kids channel and it sucks this is the first video I’m seeing This channel for a few years and honestly I don’t like it

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  • Josh pls play cow town now pls johs jelly has troll you so pls play cow town pls 😞😞😞😞

  • Opening A TNT Door. (Minecraft)

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  • Door

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  • Haha door boss

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  • The anvil troll door sounds like a gun shooting

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  • Jelly rapping mans not hot cracker me up. 6:15

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  • I want to see a battle between their ores

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  • Jelly said for you a but but he’s a but

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  • Me when slogo was stuck in the stone: yo angelo Like if you under stand this jojoke

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  • 1:40 pause LOL in crainers it literally a has a scene where it says LOL

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    • U made me forget my progress

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  • At 1:40 you can see an lol just above joshes arm

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  • Crainer makes a stack of tnt and lights it and then he dies from fall damage

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  • Rubberized Fisticuffs

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  • Hey Josh I want more episodes of HoaxMC

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  • Do you guys know that if you put honey block around you in lava and dig one block down and you see between the block you can see inside of lava

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  • Io mait gimmi food jk

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  • All of y’all should watch troll lucky blocks

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  • Slogoman when I go onto hoaxmc and I put slash slogo it said connection lost please fix it

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  • Pause at 1:01 his nose is flaring lmfaooo

  • 4559380283203824038593753958249834th time of telling him to play speed runners

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  • Day 4 of telling slogo to play more cow town

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  • Make a video where you are invisible and troll jelly and drainer

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  • 5:59 do we have to drown it to bad we are in a desert Also jelly: looks and an ocean IN THE DESERT

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  • Party created Minecraft play

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  • When thought off troll doors I thought you meant like open a door and there would be galaxy every we’re and when you turned around the door wood be gone

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  • hahaha

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  • Jelly: I guess I take the middle one Crainer: punch punch no I’ll take the middle one 😂😆 And legit troll doors 😂

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  • start a series in serviver

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  • The door master is the door from earlier

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  • play doors teleport you to anywhere or a different dimension in minecraft

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