Using TNT As The IMPOSTOR In Among Us! (Minecraft)

2020-ж., 21-окт.
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Using TNT as the Impostor in Minecraft Among Us!
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  • It's blue.

    Catisha LewisCatisha LewisКүн мурун
  • MirahQ

    Kaci RomeroKaci Romero2 күн мурун
  • crapier is inposter

    Chintan PatelChintan Patel3 күн мурун
  • Crainer uses the i dont know the map to slip out os problems

    Ephraim MutuaEphraim Mutua3 күн мурун
  • You guys who is your favorite KGworldr jelly crainer or Josh

    melanie estrellamelanie estrella4 күн мурун
  • vote jelly he is sus

    Ayden AlexavierAyden Alexavier5 күн мурун
  • T

    garage boyzgarage boyz6 күн мурун
  • I got a question like what ever you finish your task do you just like follow people around the table what e

    Johanna HamiltonJohanna Hamilton9 күн мурун
  • Do you like whenever someone’s following me they’re always an imposter trying to kill me so I’m always like come on up sure

    Johanna HamiltonJohanna Hamilton9 күн мурун
  • Princess right when you get into the game especially hear you like the queen or we were in the bag so that’s just even more so for green because he saying he wanted away frod the the

    Johanna HamiltonJohanna Hamilton9 күн мурун
  • Dark blue: slogo dont trust CONTAINER XD LMAO

    Unicorn BugUnicorn Bug10 күн мурун
  • Jelly is sus

    Toney requiemToney requiem10 күн мурун
  • I like that one of the players name is RishyLovesSlogo

    Joel AlarcaJoel Alarca10 күн мурун
  • Craner jelly is following me Jelly craner is following me

    MD MdMD Md12 күн мурун
  • The one below has ben copied V

    MD MdMD Md12 күн мурун
  • Rishys name is rishy loves slogo awwww

    MD MdMD Md12 күн мурун
  • Josh is crainer

    Martin KariongiMartin Kariongi13 күн мурун
  • i love this do more

    my kidmy kid13 күн мурун
  • 16:look its crainer the impostor

    venus agaphevenus agaphe13 күн мурун
  • I love slogo Crainer and jelly ❤️❤️💖❤️💖💖❤️💖💖💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️

    Christina HillChristina Hill14 күн мурун
  • Rishy's name says RishylovesSlogo that's nice

    Matias MezaMatias Meza15 күн мурун
  • To the people who are still waiting for a disstrack, josh wont do it cuz his channel is kid friendly now, so theres no point waiting

    Complexed RaymondoComplexed Raymondo16 күн мурун
  • mlg

    Rohailali punjaniRohailali punjani16 күн мурун
  • pls play pokemon cards

    Michael ReillyMichael Reilly16 күн мурун
  • Leave a like if you know that crainers a noob hahahahaha!!!:)

    Karthi PrakashKarthi Prakash17 күн мурун

    Karthi PrakashKarthi Prakash17 күн мурун
  • Crainers a noob:)

    Karthi PrakashKarthi Prakash17 күн мурун
  • 2:39 look in bottom left

    FisherFisher17 күн мурун
  • i liked subscribed hit the bell and sent all notifacations

    David KelloggDavid Kellogg18 күн мурун
  • i am very good at the game

    David KelloggDavid Kellogg18 күн мурун
  • can you play among us with me

    David KelloggDavid Kellogg18 күн мурун
  • can you play among us

    David KelloggDavid Kellogg18 күн мурун
  • Yay I subbed to slogo,crainer, and jelly 😎😎😎

    Elizabeth's craftsElizabeth's crafts18 күн мурун
  • I love how Nasma say Crainer to Container!

    Winky_ PlayzWinky_ Playz19 күн мурун
  • Crainer is sus to me already.

    JayysClipsJayysClips21 күн мурун
  • Loll

    Bailey WesleyBailey Wesley24 күн мурун
  • Crainer is smart because he said Nasma girl and jelly said it’s Nasma guy

    Greg GorgeGreg Gorge25 күн мурун
  • Jelly: You we’re following Nasma guy Me: Her name is Nasma girl. Anyone else relies that

    Greg GorgeGreg Gorge25 күн мурун
  • It’s either Craner or jelly

    Gunner CooperGunner Cooper26 күн мурун
  • Anyone saw rishys name its:rishylovesslogo

    Gamer and reactorGamer and reactor26 күн мурун
  • Quick fax.. when theres 4 people and still theres an impostor.. the game wont end.. but of there 2 impostors and 4 people in total.. the game ends.. so please. TAKE THIS IS SERIOUS INFORMATION

    kirby molinakirby molina27 күн мурун
  • "Its Never The Fans Its Always The KGworldrs" ZEX0N-2020

    ZEX0NZEX0N28 күн мурун
  • It’s only jelly crainer or Slogo importers how hard can it be

    garage boyzgarage boyz28 күн мурун
  • 11:40 nasa said dont trust container

    Tim ManhaveTim Manhave28 күн мурун
  • Yea

    Richard ChenRichard Chen29 күн мурун
  • You are a pro

    Christopher KingChristopher King29 күн мурун
  • It is marr hq slogoman got it wrong but he is still my favorite KGworldr

    Jackattack 12Jackattack 1229 күн мурун
  • Slogo you are awesome I watch your videos all the time

    Sky JamesSky James29 күн мурун
  • Blue is impostor

    lim soklim sok29 күн мурун
  • you where awsome

    fresh starfresh star29 күн мурун
  • My last two Brain cells having a conversation

    xenic -xenic -Ай мурун
  • its crainer vote crainer an subribe an hit that like button

    n abdulrashidn abdulrashidАй мурун
  • What if there was MINECRAFT in AMONG US instead of AMONG US in MINECRAFT...... confusing ik

    DenzyPlayzDenzyPlayzАй мурун
  • Hiiii

    Chelsea GrantChelsea GrantАй мурун
  • I love red brow

    Chelsea GrantChelsea GrantАй мурун
  • Whoever is reading this I just wanted to say. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    denise coronadodenise coronadoАй мурун
  • 460430th view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgamingАй мурун
  • Day1:play raft

    Flor MarananFlor MarananАй мурун
  • say hi to rishy for me

    Giaan AnandGiaan AnandАй мурун
  • you are the best slogamans

    Giaan AnandGiaan AnandАй мурун
  • Hello slogs

    Heath HewittHeath HewittАй мурун
  • Can you play raft because there’s a new secret town

    Kyle PorterKyle PorterАй мурун
  • Cramer is imposter

    Jacques EspachJacques EspachАй мурун
  • U S E C O D E S L O G O

    SentinelYTSentinelYTАй мурун
    • @SentinelYT meeeee

      SentinelYTSentinelYTАй мурун
  • Have you guys noticed that after slogo has gone all child friendly he says what the alot

    Saanvika PandeSaanvika PandeАй мурун
  • Day 5 of telling Slogo:- to continue cow town series

    S2Y.N. Inc.S2Y.N. Inc.Ай мурун
  • decontaminstion haha

    Gaetan TalosigGaetan TalosigАй мурун
  • maybe crainer dont know that if you report body 3 times it will be sus 😂

    Gael LouisGael LouisАй мурун
  • Jelly was VERY SuS

    FuLL GRiPFuLL GRiPАй мурун
  • Me:where is the tnt? Mind: scam no tnt

    wolfer gameswolfer gamesАй мурун
  • Why is rishys,s name rishyloveslogo

    Heather CrabtreeHeather CrabtreeАй мурун
  • Reshe loves josh awwwwwwwww

    Nicola FletcherNicola FletcherАй мурун
  • At the start craner was the imposter

    Nicola FletcherNicola FletcherАй мурун
  • They didn’t even put tnt in this video

    Juan ChavezEsquiviasJuan ChavezEsquiviasАй мурун
  • Did anyone else see 11:39 “do not trust container?

    Damon NasserDamon NasserАй мурун
    • She calls Crainer container

      manlo kongmanlo kongАй мурун
  • ??

    Aiden KrystofAiden KrystofАй мурун
  • Slogo is your girlfriend rishy

    Aiden KrystofAiden KrystofАй мурун
  • Honestly Sligo you’ve changed you should do an unscripted vid

    Cody SmithCody SmithАй мурун
  • rishyloveslogo AHHAHHA

    william maiserwilliam maiserАй мурун
  • Slogo you missed a task

    Alexis OrjiakoAlexis OrjiakoАй мурун
  • Crainer is the imposter because i watch Criner channel

    Yamin Moh Moh OoYamin Moh Moh OoАй мурун
  • I just realized that Nasma called crainer container!

    Alexander HinojosaAlexander HinojosaАй мурун
  • If somebody keeps finding all the dead bodies, then, Its self report

    RuaanGaming YTRuaanGaming YTАй мурун
  • Slogo - two people died Crainer - we are no people now 😂😂

  • wut rishy love josh?

    Kids & Parents _ BaligeKids & Parents _ BaligeАй мурун
  • Crainer is the imposter

    Maheroo AghaMaheroo AghaАй мурун
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💗💖💓💜💓💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💔💔💔💕💕💖💖💖💗💘💘💞💟

    Alprimo Raphael BarteAlprimo Raphael BarteАй мурун
  • Lrbrtory?

    Kim BuckKim BuckАй мурун
  • Kraner is the imposes

    Synethia WhiteSynethia WhiteАй мурун
  • Slogo:laboratory

    Brick BattleBrick BattleАй мурун
  • If Slogo jelly or crainer dies then it's obviously the other one

    Pastel HelmetPastel HelmetАй мурун
  • The map is so cool

  • Who do u like Jelly:like Crainer:reply Secret do both if u like slogo.

    Ya boi rafayYa boi rafayАй мурун
  • where is the tnt

    megacupmegacupАй мурун
  • Oi that's me

    TNTTNTАй мурун
  • Slogo spuad only

    amira foxamira foxАй мурун
  • jelley has defused your trap in the well

    Akhil NandanAkhil NandanАй мурун
  • did you realise that at 11:41 Nasma called crainer container!!!!

    Chaitali ChaudhariChaitali ChaudhariАй мурун
  • Lol slogo i loved the moving mouths of the photos of jelly and crainer.

    Roblox AssassinRoblox AssassinАй мурун
  • Rishy change name it say RishyLovesSlogo

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