5 NEW Ways To TRAVEL In Minecraft!

2020-ж., 20-ноя.
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⭐️ 5 NEW Ways To TRAVEL In Minecraft!
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  • How about horses bruh

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  • Why Did You Say Jelly's Cat?

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    • IDK

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  • Fun fact: Slogo uploads twice a day at 3 and 8 pm GMT, and hasn't missed an upload for a long time.

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  • I miss the old intro

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  • This is a thing in Minecraft

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  • After watching jordi's video, my respect for you guys went 📈 cause like imo it's so tiring to take a video of myself(talking from experience with online school submissions and I keep messing up to so I have to retake) but these guys post so much for us in one day

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  • Don’t donate to the charity it is a skeme

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  • Crainer's friend made this game the name of the crainer's friend is storm hank

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  • ps my favorites were ridable ravanger and ridable ghast

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  • you know we can use the elytra in minecraft

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  • They should make a rideable ender dragon

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  • 0:57 the killer jelly

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  • 4:40 u know in older Minecraft versions u could actually ride dolphins

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  • To those who notice the teleporter is the go through walls item in the robbing villagers video.

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  • You literally sound like dant tdm

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  • jelly want's your dia slogoman do not pay taxe's

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  • I'm trying to warn you about jelly is trying to trick you for the payment

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  • Can u please please please do another warframe video

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  • Joshi I agree with others UK should our friendly youtuber.

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  • I think you should be able to ride dolphins but all of them are broken

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  • I love the pic in train that is true for jelly

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  • Who else thought fortnite when they said rocket riding

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  • 2:16 was in playing as thieves in Minecraft

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  • Sersly you are mean

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  • slogo jelly trying to troll you go to jelly's server look all the villeger house there is a trap door jelly made it

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  • Items in real Minecraft Rocket Rider Cross-Bow/ Elytra + Firework Teleport/ Ender Pearl Rideable Dolphin/ Strider Rideable Ravager/ Horse/Llama Rideable Ghost/ idk ;-;

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  • Jelly is going to try to make you mind Diamond and when you put in your chest he will take them :) and I like your vids

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  • josh theres something in your house in turtle town and its a letter if you dont do what it says your property will burn

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  • Why u need to travel fast u already travel faster

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  • I rather go in a rocket than a car

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  • You should react to jordi's video on why he left jelly and slogo

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  • You're welcome j

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  • Do not put your diamonds into the new house in Minecraft

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  • Jelly is trolling you he's trying to get diamonds

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  • Slogo ur my fav and so is jelly and jordy I hope u guys do cool vids and jordy needs help dude he went threw a hard time so plz go talk to him and help him also u my idle and so is jelly and jordy and a few other youtubers

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  • Slogo don’t use the tax box that jelly made! It’s a way for jelly to get diamonds 💎

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  • Jelly has put hopper under the chest and connected to a villager house

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  • Jelly built a tax where u have to pay 3 Dino a in turtle town but he takes the dimonds

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  • There's a new tax office in 🐢 town you must pay 3 💎s, but here's the thing slogo! Jelly is taking the 💎s for himself, has he no dignity?

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  • Their house burns

    Dr.Iftekhar ChowdhuryDr.Iftekhar Chowdhury7 күн мурун
  • Josh jelly created a building thing and he builded because for diamonds .The one who will not give the diamonds to the villager

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  • On turtle town

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  • Slogo jelly is trying to make you and cranir pay 3 diamonds for tax

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  • I wonder when he will make a disstrack

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  • Jelly is trying to make you pay diamonds on his server with tax’s

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  • Did enyone saw jordi’s video

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  • 8:13 did anyone see that person at the bottom right

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  • Josh just wanna say that jelly just biuld a plaece where you have to pay diamond for thurtel town but its not

    Misz sisMisz sis7 күн мурун
  • Josh jelly build a troll tax to dimoads

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  • Joey Bosa tax office and he’s trying to steal your diamonds

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  • Day 1 of telling slogo to play with kwebbelkop

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  • Their is a chest in your house the code is 1337

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  • Slogo jelly is trolling you don,t pot any diment in the chest

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  • Make a another troll to jelly

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  • And you always put a smile on my face👋😁

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  • Can you please react to kwebbelkop Why did I leave jelly and slogo?

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  • I WANT TABS BACK!!!!!!!!!

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  • Me to😢

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  • Slogo jelly made a chest to troll in turtle town

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  • Slogoman jelly trying to steal your diamonds by trying to build a villager house if there's a chest in it don't put your diamonds in there

    Cristian gabriel MartinezCristian gabriel Martinez7 күн мурун
  • Man jelly made a C Winchester by the village is trying to keep on in time and so are you going to tell them that you’re not break the chest in London that should be our business and gie or the diamond for yourself

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  • You are funny.The way you teleported into the wall.P.S I subscribed

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  • Jelly trolled you

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